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low season

weekly 250€
weekend 125€    

midweek 100 Euro/2day

middle season (may,june, July, August, september)

weekly           260 to 320€

Weekend     135€ a 170€

midweek 110 to 150 Euro/2day

high season (christmas,New Year )

Weekly 650€


I consumes included are:      water;
    until 5kWh/day for energy electric

The till further consumes  will be calculated as:

Wood 0,25Euro/kg
Energy electric 0,40Euro/Kwh
Caution money to be paid on arrival, and will be returned on departure if no damage has been made.     
The mountain hut will be fully cleaned before your arrival. We would appreciate if it is left clean and in order at the end of your stay.
To book, a deposit of 30 % must be paid.  Instructions of modality of payment will be given you over the phone or on e-mail, at the time of reservation.  Booking will be automatically cancelled, if payment does not occur within 48 hours from our confirmation.